Hi beauties,

Today I am going to chat to you about a few products I have been testing out.

I teamed up with Avon and Beauty Bulletin to test and review as well as create different looks using their new range of MARK MASCARAS!

If you visit the Beauty Bulletin webite often you will have seen my little reviews on each mascara. Today I am going to bring you an indepth review, including my thoughts and views on each mascara as well as which worked for me and which did not.

A little background about the brand – Avon;

Avon is ” the worlds leading direct seller of beauty and related products with a globl annual turnover of over $10 billion. Avon sells products to woman in over 100 countries through our Independant sales force of over 6 million representatives – foubdly known as “Avon Ladies” “.

The brand MARK from Avon is said to be an expertly edited beauty boutique. Unexpected and fresh mark gives every woman the opportunity to make her own MARK!


So lets jump straight into these mascaras 🙂 yippee!!!


This mascara come in a royal blue mascara bottle which is very catchy on the eyes. The mascara wand is unique; with its straight bristles that increase in size from shortest to longest. It has a conical tip which is meant to help with control over the lash look.

This mascara is known for its flexible waves in the wand and is said to be pliable even after it dries. The mascara is said to have the ability to be applied many times as well as restyling the lashes without clumping.

My thoughts;

Just a little background on my lashes; I have very long but straight lashes. I never ever use an eye lash curler because I can not handle the feeling on my lashes and eyes.

I felt that this mascara did not do much for my lashes as they are incredibly straight. I felt even after 3 coats they colour built up but not the shape, length or style. However when I use it on a fellow bestie the results were completely different.

I really love the conical tip as it really helps to get into places that can be difficult to apply mascara. I feel that an ideal way to use this mascara would be to apply it under a lengthening mascara.


The first thing that drew me to this mascara was the fact that it contains Collagen – what more does a girl want!

This mascara is said to grab every lash as well as give you 24-hour explosive volume! It also claims to give you up to 6x more volume in 2 weeks. The wand is a chubby and is a curved shaped. This is said to help grab all the lashes as well as fill in all the gaps for a fuller and bolder lash look – hence the name DARING!

My thoughts;

I loved this mascara from the minute I applied it to my lashes! Just the way it felt on my lashes and how easily applied really grabbed my heart! The curved chubby wand also is a favourite of mine! Even though its chubby the curve helps to get into small places on the lash line. The bristles really do grab every lash and gives your lashes a fuller look! The volume intensifies and it really does fill in all the gaps!

I really enjoyed this mascara as well as the gorgeous bright packaging!


This mascara is known as the Fab False Lash Mascara promising to give you that Falsies Look! Its wand is said to have 1000s of fibres tat wrap onto each lash to double the look of the lashes for the perfect false lash effect!

This wand has bristle that follows the natural shape of your eyes for root-to-tip volume!

My thoughts;

To be honest; I did not find this mascara to be out of this world at all. It had reasonable volume but not that much length. I did not find it worked for my lashes much. I did not enjoy the wand either I found my lashes really clumped and were let with gaps. I would recommend using a lash curler before using this mascara. But as I said above – it really does depend on your style length and shape of your lashes.

However in saying that I used this product on The Purple Gypsy and it performed so well! It really does depend on the length, shape and texture of your lashes!

The Purple Gypsy’s Makeup Look!



This mascara is said to be all about the length and volume! The brush has an elastic formula with an extender brush. The brush and formula work together to stretch lashes to the max for extra length and volume!

This band has long and short bristles which help evenly coat the thinnest of

My favourite mascaras for myself definitely had to be the Big & Extreme, Big & Daring as well as the Big & Multiplied! I really felt these 3 performed well onto lashes and gave me the desired look!

Their price tag definitely falls into my category of Beauty on a Budget, for R79,95 each – this really is reasonable.

Avon’s Mark Range is really amazing I have also been using there Mark Lipsticks and did a searching video a while back which I will link down below.


I really hope you enjoyed my little review on these mascaras & I would definitely recommend them!

Dont forget to stay tuned to Instagram on Saturday the 13th of October to stand a chance to WIN with Avon!

It is the Avon Mark Mascara Insta Party! I will be sharing videos as well as different looks, all you need to do is join in the conversation, vote and comment to win!

Hope you are as excited as me! See you there!💜