Can you imagine never having to wax, tweeze, thread or shave ever again? Its a dream come true and a treatment well worth investing in!

Earlier this week I had the priveldge of visiting The Laser Beautique in Bryanston. I chose to visit the Beautique for an under arm hair removal treatment.

I was welcomed by my gorgeous therapist Farah, her soft and gentle personality made me feel right at home and extremely comfortable. I was a tad bit nervous as I had heard mixed reports on the amount of pain this treatment contained and if you know me I do not have a high pain thresh hold!

Farah assured me that this treatment was totally pain-free and that the only discomfort is the heat of the 810- nm diode.

She was so informative and explained absolutely everything I needed to know pre and post-treatment.

As I arrived Farah showed me to the therapy bed where I would be having my session. She began with shaving any hair I had in that area. She then explained the machines to me and showed me which part would be touching my skin. Farah proceeded applying a cold ultrasound gel to my under arm. She then gave me some “sexy” laser glasses to put on and then she began with the treatment.

The treatment I received, and the technology that is used by The Laser Beautique is called the Alma Lasers Soprano laser technology. The actually piece that touches your skin is called the 810-nm diode laser and is applied using a technique called the IN-Motion. This is literally a rubbing notion around the desired area and this is what makes the treatment totally pain-free. I have heard so many mixed reports such as the laser feelings like pin pricks or has a shocking sensation but this technique is far from that.

How this treatment work is that the energy from the laser is delivered via a low fluence or energy and pulses at a rapid 10 pulse per second repetition rate. The temperature of the hair follicle containing the cells responsible for hair re-growth is gradually raised to the point whereby the cells are damaged and can no longer generate new hair. The rise in temperature causes a deep dermal heating – a sensation that many have compared to a soothing hot stone massage – and this is exactly what it feels like just under your arms or desired area.

Farah also informed me that I would need around 8-12 treatments. She explained the reason for this was that laser is only able to target hair successfully when it is in its Anagen phase, and is attached to the follicle and dermal papilla. If hairs are in either the catagen or telogen phase, they will not be successfully targeted in the first treatment, and therefore will only be treated or reached in the subsequent sessions. Farah also did explain that hair cycles are complex and differ from person to person and so this was just an estimate.

Some other important information she pointed out was:

Pointers for Prior the Treatment:

  • Sun exposure is to be stopped 3-4 weeks prior to the session.
  • Self tanning lotion needs to be stopped 2 weeks prior to your session.
  • It is mandatory that you mention all medication and supplements
  • Skin preparation is also important – skin must be cleaned and free of makeup or fragrance. However Farah did wipe away all the deodorant I was wearing and she shaved any excessive hair off for me.
  • It is NB not to pluck or wax before the session.
  • Bleaching also needs to be stopped at least 3 weeks before your session.

Pointers for Post Treatment:

  • One needs to protect the area with sunblock and avoid any sun exposure that could lead to the development of post treatment pigmentation.
  • A soothing gel should be applied to the area to calm the area down – Farah recommended one from Reigme.
  • Makeup, fragrance and deodorant should only be applied 24 hours after the session.
  • It is also important to keep the area moisturised properly.
  • It is also important that inbetween session you only shave or use depilatory creams to remove the hair in the concerned areas.

The Laser Beautique also offers many other different treatments such as Facial and Body Contouring, Facial and Body Laser Lipolysis, Dermaplanning, Cosmetic Injectables, Peels, Microneedling and a lot more!

I absolutely loved my time at The Laser Beautique and I have made a follow up appointment with Farah. I felt very confident, relaxed and in good hands and will definitely be trying out different treatments in the future.

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Thank you so much to The Laser Beautique Bryanston.