Hey loves,

I thought I would share my top 5 daily essentials (Winter Edition) with you. I use these things on a daily basis and they definitely make my life a lot easier!!!

(1) TEA

If you know me I think you are well aware of my tea obsession! I am absolutely in love with tea – I think addicted to say the least! Every single morning of my life begins with tea and every single evening my day ends with tea. I psychologically have to have tea before bed in order for me to sleep well. I have always drank 5 roses tea with fat free milk and xylitol – thats like my go too | my staple | my everything! But recently I have been trying out different herbal teas a lot more and loving them! I am not the biggest fan of milk and only drink the slightest bit of fat free milk so herbal tea comes into play nicely when at work or out at friends and the only option is ful cream milk. A cup of tea makes everything better!



I know this is a weird essential – but its an absolute must! For some strange reason I cannot leave the house without earrings in my ears. They do not have to be biggest tassles or hoops, just simple everyday studs will do. Without earrings I feel absolutely naked and as though I left my one sock off – weird I know!



There is no way else to describe my love for perfume other than I am a perfume whore! I cannot leave the house without perfume! I feel as though it is one thing that completely finishes a look and sets your tone and impression. I have recently written a post about the current perfumes on my vanity which you can find in my posts. I have been loving my mini perfumes as well that I bought overseas. These are amazing for travelling and are just so damn cute!


I recently purchased my Fitbit Charge 2 off Takealot.com I am absolutely loving this watch! I love keeping track of my steps as well as my sleep – because I am generally not a good sleeper! It also helps you track your fitness, your periods and helps you reach your goals. If you are with Discovery Health there are also many benefits and rewards, like Kauai smoothies and Mugg & Bean coffees. Not only that, you can also donate things to charity and get your car washed. Takealot.com also has amazing straps which you can match to your outfit.

(5) BB Cream / Foundation

If you have followed me for a while you will know that in my teen years I battled a lot with acne and as a result I have scars and pigmentation. This is not a pretencious thing or a fake thing, but I always make sure I have some sort of covering on my face before I leave the house. I am self conscious of my scaring, even though it is 100 times better and some people say it is gone – I myself can still see it. I either use a light BB cream or a normal foundation. For some MU looks I love a high coverage foundation but for everyday a BB Cream or lightweight foundation will work.

Let me know what your essentials are! šŸ™‚