Most of you will have noticed my love for skincare lately – I feel as though I am writing about and trying out more skincare products lately than makeup!

As I have got older I feel as though its becoming more important to look after my skin. I always say start now because later you will be thankful you did! I am only 26 but I am already religiously using and trying out anti-aging | wrinkle | retinol products. I aso feel that if you have a good skin care routine this will result in your makeup looking fab, glowing and flawless!

KALLINI is a new skincare brand that has just launched in South Africa. It is locally made in SABS approved facilities and is ISO 9001 approved by the standards of a CFTA (Cosmetics, Fragrances and Toiletries Association) member. Kallini has launched a whole range of skin care products for men and woman, and their entire range is based on anti-aging properties, reversing effects of the South African sun and improper skincare. Kallini also caters for ethnic and darker skin tones which is an absolute bonus!


Kallini has taken anti-aging to a whole new level, having done months of research into the ingredients and what works best, using only the best professors and targeting certain areas of skincare, this is any woman’s dream.

They have also launched a men’s range of skin care products which I think is fab as more men these days are also putting time and effort into their skincare routine. It is said that male grooming is the fastest growing segment in the personal care market and it is a fact that 1/3 men spend more than 30 minutes a day on their skincare routine. So men; no more getting your lady to buy your skincare products because you are embarrassed, no more using a cake of soap to wash your face – its your time to shine too!

I have been using, trying and testing all the Kallini products out over the past few months. If you follow me you would know and see that I have worked closely with this brand.

DISCLAIMER; I have not been paid to write this post or obliged to speak positively because my face is on the billboard 🙂 I have used these products for many weeks to see if the brand would work for my skin, the formulation and the quality.


So lets jump straight into the products;

“Kallini’s beautiful skin care range for all skin types is rich in Vitamin A and E, powerful antioxidants and Retinol which is included for its amazing anti-ageing benefits. Vitamin E helps to prevent cell oxidation. It prevents wrinkles, protects you from the sun, moisturises your skin and even helps your skincare products last longer. Vitamin A promotes healthy cell production developing tissue that keeps skin firm and healthy. Used in conjunction with the Anti-Ageing Plant Stem Serum, the results are a beautiful and youthful skin with fewer wrinkles. For that younger, glowing look the Kallini Collections is a must.”

I am going to briefly speak about each product or this post will be 20 pages long, however I will add the website and all the information to the bottom of this page for you to find more information.

Woman’s Range

Kallini has launched 9 products in the Womans Range. These are enriched with Vitamin A and E as well as Retinol and antioxident.

Anti-Aging Plant Stem Cell Serum

This product is an absolute MUST! This is the Anti-Aging Plant Stem Cell Serum. This is a unique combination of green apple stem cell and resveratrol in a serum base. I have seen such results in the last few months trying out this product! This is defintely Kallini’s top product and I highly recommend it! I use this product every night and it soaks into my skin so beautifully, leaving my skin feeling glowing and tight.


This product retails for R395-00

Rich Night Cream

This is an overnight repair treatment that promotes a smoother and softer skin. This product formua contains Vitamins A and E as well as Retinol. The retinol hits the deeper layers of the skin by stimulating collagen production. I found this product I tad bit strong for my sentive skin. My mom and dad use this product and they absolutely love it! I would recommend this product for a more mature skin.


This product retails for R198-00

Retinol A & E Cream

This is nicknamed the “Soothing Cream” and it really is that! This cream is famous for its healing of skin and scarring. This product also helps with uneven texture and does not block the pores. I can already see a difference in my scars from acne days and my darker marks on my face. My sister (if you dont follow me; had a motorbike accident last year and is left wiht a nasty scar) is using this on her accident scar and it is already feeling smoother.


This product retails for R184-00

Day Cream

If you have a super dry skin, or you are feeling the winter blues in your skin I would invest in this product! This day cream nourishes and protects normal, dry and sensitive skin-yes me! This product is very creamy and leaves such a nice glow on the skin

There is also a Day Cream for Darker Skin Tones which is fantastic!


This product retails for R165-00

Deep Cleansing Facial Wash and Toner

The Deep Cleansing Facial Wash has a silky smooth texture and a littel bit of a shine to it – looks like sparkles! This is not a makeup remover but rather a cleanser. This product effectively removes impurities and does not dry out my skin at all! It also contains Citric Acid which is an antioxidant treating several skin problems such as mild acne, dark spots and clogged pores.


This product retails for R135-00

The Toner contains no harsh chemicals and once again does not dry out my skin. It helps remove the oil, dirt and grime from the skin. This product contains Witch Hazel which has so many effective properties for skin. This product works well with the Kallini Day or Night Cream.


This product retails for R129-00

Facial Scrub & Rosemary Mask

If you love a good scrub and mask then this combo is HEAVENLY!!

The Kallini Facial Scrub is such a gentle scrub with a gentle pH formula, yet gets deep into the pores and does not leave the skin feeling chapped or raw. I use this scrub once a week along with the Rosemary Mask.


This product retails for R125-00

The Rosemary Mask is such a treat! Its a gel like orange formula which leaves the skin feeling amazing! I always have such a glow after using this mask. This mask is formulated to fight anti-aging. It increases the skin’s elasticity as well as dark spots! Rosemary is also such an amazing ingredient for your skin! Rosemary helps with acne and has imflammatory benefits. It also protects the skin cells from sun damage and free radicals.


This product retails for R149-00

My favourite combo is using the Facial Scrub and the amazing Rosemary Mask. Then finishing it off with the Anti-ageing Plant Stem Cell Serum.


Men’s Range

The men’s range consists of all the same products as the ladies but with a more of a masculine feel.

Men’s skin has its own unique properties and is found to be more oilier than woman’s as well as thicker with larger pores. The protects also contain a soothing agent which helps men with razor burn and dry skin from shaving and hair growth.


Obviously I personally can not speak for the men’s range, but my dad is currently using them and is absolutely raving about the products!


I been been told more products are in the pipeline for this brand, and with what is currently avaliable and the quality it has, I cannot wait to see whats coming up.

Kallini Information:

Facebook: Kallini Collection

Instagram: @kallinicollections |


Kallini also has an online store which makes shopping from your desk so much easier!!

Please let me know if you have tried the brand or which product you would be interested in purchasing!