Hi Beauties,
Many of you have asked me for blog posts on my current skincare routine, but if you know me, you know I like to mix and change things up a little! I like to use different brands and products for my morning and evening routines!
But today I wanted to catch to you about 2 little products I recently was sent, that have been added to my routine.
Today I want to chat about the brand Dr Dermal and their amazing products I have been using.


The first product I want to chat about is the Total Rejuvenation Plasma. This is said to be an anti-aging all in one serum, primer, blurring shield, eye and mattifying agent. This product is said to contain many ingredients which help give your skin a “botox” smooth look.Single - RejuvB
This products contains; peptides, film formers, polymer powder, enzymes and hydraulic acid. The peptides and film formers help to stimulate collagen and DNA repair as well as providing an instant lift. The polymer powders helps diffuse light for an instant blurring effect. The enzymes and hydraulic acid for prevention against breakouts and for a hydrated skin.
I absolutely love using this product in the morning just before I do my makeup as I feel it allows my makeup to apply really well. It also gives me a flawless finish for my makeup routine.
This product has a thin gel-like texture which is a murky transparent colour. It does not really have a smell to it but has a very smooth texture. It come in very high end looking bottle which has a dropper which makes it so user friendly and mess-proof.
I have loved using this product and I would really recommend it.
The next product I have been using is the MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair. This product is said to help with skin rejuventaton and anti-aging. It also helps with congested and problem skins.


The MicroRetinol 5 is packed with its incredibly powerful 5% micro-encapsulated retinol, as well as blends of fatty acids and ceramides. The micro-encapsuated retinol is pure retinol encased in a shell that preserves the effectiveness of the retinol. It also allows it to release over time making it more tolerable to your skin. If you do not know what retinol is; it is a form of Vitamin A1 and it is re-owned for its anti-aging abilities and potential to reduce the signs of aging, apperances of blemishes and clearing congested skin.

Another ingredient is cermaides; these are essential lipids that help improve your skins cellular integrity and its moisture levels. The essential fatty acids are acids essential for your cell function as well as its structure.

My skin is extremely sesitive due to my history and so it was advised I only use this product every 2-3 days in order for my skin to get used to the large strain of retinol. This really worked for my skin and also for me because I could use my other products in between.

I did not see instant results with this product; as I dont believe there are any products on the market that will give you instant results unless some miracles happened that I dont know about haha! However I did find my skin to feel smoother and more moisturised than before. I also found my fine lines to be more faint and less prominent around my under eye area. This cream really made my skin feel good.

The texture is cream-like and it has a very potent smell – not sure I am a fan of it, but hey it lasts for a few minutes and leaves my skin feeling great!

I would really recommend trying out these products as well as the others in the range. I am super keen to see what else Dr Dermal has to offer!

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Please let me know if you try these products and what they did for your skin.