Hello Beauties,

Today I am bringing to you the worlds 1st rotational anti-wrinkle night cream by Avon. It It is the Anew Reversalist Infinite Effects Treatment Night Cream.

I have teamed up with Avon and Beauty Bulletin on the #AvonAnew30DayChallenge to try and test this new night treatment. This night treatment is said to give dramatic results on wrinkles that get better over time.


So before I get into my thoughts and feeling on the product looks look into the background behind this product

This product has been 3 years in the making – it has also been clinically tested and tried on 116 woman. This treatment contains super retinol and phyto+ complexes, and for those of you who do not know Retinol is the go to ingredient for aging.

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A and is the ingredient that promotes skin renewal and enhances collagen production. It also lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and can have great effects on blurring out sun damage effects.

This product has two sides to it – Side 1 and Side 2. Side 1 is a phyto based moisturiser which basically preps the skin for renewal and production. Side 2 is the retinol side which kicks in production.


Each side is used for only 7 days and then one rotates to the next side. Many ladies have asked me why 7 days? This is because it takes 7 days for the skin to adjust. Many ladies have also asked why does one go back to Side 1 if it is the prepping side? This is because research has found that using the same product over a certain period of time causes the skin to plateau. Everything these days is about mixing it up, from diets, to exercises etc and this is so the body does not plateau – here we have the same with skin care. So as side 2 kicks into the skin, we change after 1 week back to side 1 for this same reason.

This product has no restrictions on skin types. It can be used on all skin types although some with sensitive skin may feel discomfort or a tingling/ cooling sensation, this is apparently NORMAL – and it means the product is working!


So what exactly are my thoughts?

Firstly I love the idea of this, as well as all the research and facts behind it. The idea is so clever and makes so much sense. I have really enjoyed using this treatment as well as being able to read up so much on what I am using on my face.

I have used this product now for 4 week. That obviously means Side 1 twice and Side 2 twice. Both sides had different feels and effects on my skin.


Side one

Side two is a more creamy side, with a stronger, delicious scent. This side contains retinol which helps with all those fine lines and wrinkles. When using this side my skin felt more hydrated and moisturised. I absolutely loved the smell and the texture of this product and this side defintely left a night glow to my skin. This product also absorbs really well into the skin and does not leave the skin feeling oily. I applied this side, ust as I did the first, after my cleanse, tone and eye-cream routine.

Are all my wrinkles and fine lines gone in 4 weeks?

No they are not, this is not a miracle product that has just vanished my imperfections over night. However my skin feels more glowy and rejunevated than it did 4 weeks ago. Unless you are having botox and liquids pumped into your skin I do not think you will see major results short term. I am keen to keep on trying this product over the next 6 months and see the results.

I have really loved using this product and I definately will repurchase it next month again. I would recomend you try this product, it has really made my skin feel great and I have my glow back after this terribly dry Autumn in Johannesburg South Africa.