Today is a new kind of post for me – but like I said, I am going to be indulging into some new content. I am new at this so please forgive me if this post is a little all over the show.

Yellow seems to be the latest go to colour for Autumn this season and I am loving it! I am wearing it, I am shopping it and Im seeing it everywhere!

It was choosen on the Autumn/Winter Pantone colour wheel for 2018.

Pantone AW2018 – CEYLON YELLOW

This yellow is not just a normal yellow but more of a light mustard colour. This reminds me of my all time favourite movie – Beauty & the Beast! This colour is definitely giving me Belle vibes!

Not only is this colour beautiful – it is also a lovely colour to wear with a nude or a little colour blocking. I love wearing this colour with all black as I really find it makes such a statement. This colour also looks stunning with a true denium as well.

This knitwear in question is from MR PRICE CLOTHING for a whopping R179-00.





If bright colours are not your thing, there are many ways to incorporate this beautiful Autumn colour into your outfit. A beautiful yellow handbag, necklace or pair of pumps are a fantastic way to dress up any outfit using this colour subtly. This can work beautfully with so many different pieces of your wardrobe, even during other seasons of the year. I am also loving the scarfs that add the pop of colour to an outfit.

Makeup for this colour – I went with an orange/yellow/nude vibe using my Urban Decay HEAT Palette.


I find this colour also works well with prints and patterns, as its not a colour we generally kit out cupboard out in.

The other thing I am loving about this colour is that it is works with most skin tones and hair colours.

Let me know what your colour is for Autumn!

[All pictures below are from http://www.mrp.com]