I love absolutely nothing more than finding drugstore gems. I could walk the cosmetic sections in Dischem or Clicks (South African drugstores) for hours looking at all their goodies! After all there is nothing better than finding an inexpensive item that works just as well as I high end one. I am not only a beauty on a budget but also a drug store junkie!!

Today I am going to be sharing with you my top budget foundations. I find that foundation is the canvas of your face and the rest of your makeup and so this to me is a very important step.

Maybelline FitMe Foundation [Matte & Pore-less]


Since this product hit the shelves I have been finding my hand reaching for it more and more. This foundation helps mattify the skin while leaving it pore-less.  This foundation does not only help with blurred out texture and tone but it is also a light medium coverage foundation. This foundation is buildable up to high coverage and still leaves the skin feeling so light and hydrated. I don’t usually enjoy a matte foundation but this product almost has a dewy feel to it without leaving you feeling oily at all! There is also a wide colour range which I absolutely LOVE!

This product retails for R 110-00.


LA Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation


This product has been on my favourites list for as long as I can remember. This little gem shows off as if its high end but its just from the drugstore. When I first tried tis foundation I could not get enough of it. I literally wanted to just apply my foundation for the feel of this baby on my skin! This product is an extremely high coverage foundation with the most beautiful illuminating glow to it! It leave the skin feeling and looking absolutely amazing! Fr the oily girl I would suggest you use a matte powder or wait for LA Girls new matte foundation to hit the shelves! There is also a variety of shades plus a white colour mixer shade to adjust the colour of your foundation! This foundation honestly leaves your skin looking flawless for hours!

This product retails from Dischem for R175-00.


Wet n Wild Photo Focus Finish Foundation


This product has definitely broken the internet and the beauty blogger community. I remember when everyone was on the hunt for this foundation. This foundation is a high performing foundation as it allows you to always be camera ready! This is an anti-flash back foundation and is your best friend for a photo shoot! Not only does it have light diffusing complexes it also leaves your skin looking flawless with its high coverage! I absolutely love this foundation and highly recommend it!

This retails from Clicks for R99-95 .


Sorbet Face First + Anti-ageing Foundation + Serum Shell


This product is my current favourite, everyday go to product! I absolutely love this foundation and what it does for my skin. My skin has never felt and looked so flawless and glowy. The serum in this foundation definitely gives it this magical feel and look. It lasts long and feels amazing! See my full post of this product below in the link!

This product is more on the pricey side but definitely affordable. I think it is worth absolutely every cent!

This product retails at Clicks and Sorbet Salons for R 259-95.


I don’t think a girl can go wrong with any of these 4 foundations! If you looking for the perfect foundation without breaking your bank I suggest you try one of the 4 I have mentioned!