Hi Beauties,

Today we talking FAVVVOOOUURRRIITTTEESS! And that is Favourite Bath Products!

If you know me you know I am a sucker for bath products! To me there is nothing better than coming home and having a nice, hot long bath and using amazing product that make your skin feel silky sooth and smelly amazing!

So today I am going to share with you which products Im loving at the moment!

Classic Care Foam Bath Double The Yum

Recently I purchased this foam bath from Oh So Heavenly because the name and packaging caaught my eye – I also have the lip bubble in the flavour and just love it!


This is the Oh So Heavenly Classic Care Indulgent Foam Bath Creme, this foam bath smells like a sweet tooth from a mile away! You feel as though you are lying in candy land with a hint of bubble gum milkshake and candy this product is to die for!

This product really allows you to sit back and enjoy a guilt free bath! Your skin feels amazing and silky after just one bath!

This is a 750m bottle and retails for R49-95


Creme Oil Collection Pomegranate & Rosehip Oil Caring Two Phase Bath Silk

Another Oh So Heavenly Product I love is the Crème Oil Pomegranate & Rosehip Oil Caring Two Phase Bath Silk.


What I love about this product is that it is formulated with 2 layers; one layer is infused with pomegranate extract and this helps to rejuvenate the skin. The other is a moisturising cream which is infused with rosehip oil and this helps to restore and balance the skins moisture!

This product does wonders for your skin and is only R49-95 for a 750m bottle.


JOHNSON’S Vita-Rich Replenishing Body Wash Revital

Another one of my favourite bath products is the Johsnons Vita-Rich Body Wash! This product comes in  different scents! And you end up smelling like a dream when you done. This product is infused with different oils and scents to protect and care for the body, keeping the skin hydrated and revitalised.


I have tried all the scents in this range and I absolutely love the berry and the mango flavours. You literally smells like a smoothie ball afterwards!

This product retails for R29-95

Oh So Heavenly Scensations Body Wash Dragon Fruit

Staying with body washes have you ever tried the Oh So Heavenly Dazzling Dragon Fruit Body Wash?! This product is made with a gorgeous smelling dragon fruit and plumeria blossoms.


This product is part of the Scensations range and is said to bring an exotic and enchanting mood to your bathtime. This product is one of my favourite because not only does it do the job it also feels you feeling and looking clean and moisturised!

And it retails for ONLY R39-95.

Geode Bathbombs from Pink Bath Cosmetics

Moving onto fizz balls, these beauty of Geodes inspired bathbombs look like they are filled with sparkly rock crystals.


I love these bomb as they not only give your bath a nice fizz, they also smell amazing and lather up some bubbles really nicely, filled with oil leaving you skin silky smooth.

I purchased mine in the Jade Crystal scent. It smells crisp and col just like the Jade stone. As said on the website it has top notes of bright lemon, grapefruit and ivy followed by jasmine, green apple and neroi. The base of this bomb is musk, vanilla and fern which gives it its amazing fragrance!

These bombs are as cool as they look – if not better!


Mermaid Foaming Body Scrub by Pink Cosmetics

This whipped soap sugar scrub from Pink Cosmetics is nothing short of magical. It is sprinkled with mermaid glitter and topped with a mermaid tail soap.
It has a fragrance that is indescribable – nothing other than magical and is called Mermaids Kiss! This is a combination of watermint and lemongrass.
This product works really well as a 2 in 1 product. It is a beautiful gentle scrub as well as a foam bath. It leaves the bath looking gorgeous and magical!
I cannot recommend this enough!
Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you favs are!! Would love to hear!