Hi Beauties,

For the longest time ever I have been obsessed with Oh So Heavenly products. They have the most amazing scents across their product range and their products really do work! The foam baths, body sprays and body washes have always been my favourite! Another thing I love about this is that the products are so so inexpensive!

Recently Oh So Heavenly kindly sent me a package with 3 of their skin care ranges to try out. I was so excited because I have literally tried somethnNg from each of their ranges except their skin care range.

So today we are going to dulge into the Healthy Balance products from their skin care range!

This range is for Normal/Combination Skin and it is filled with milk proteins, onegas and vitamins with really give the skin a heathy boost.

So lets take a look at the products I tried out;

Healthy Balance Face Wash


This is the Healthy Balance FACE WASH. It is enriched with a healthy dose of omegas and proteins which helps to maintain the moisture balance in your skin – which I am assuming is the reason for the name!

This product is said to leave your skin cleansed and refreshed while maintaining moisture in the skin. It is also said to care for the skin while washing away the dirt and impurities and is gentle on the skin.

I have been using this wash face now for well over 2 weeks.  I absolutely love this product for my skin. It leaves my skin feeling so incredibly moisturised and soft. I battle with hydration and dry skin and this product definitely helped aid this area.

This formula is a light milky/clear formula. It lathers up beautifully and feels super gentle on the skin. I only use a small pea size of the product, as when water is applied this product foams up a lot.


This product does not claim to be a makeup remover although I find it really does remove the makeup from my face.  I have not put this product near my eyes, so I can not say whether or not it removes eye makeup.

This bottle is 150ml and it retails at Clicks stores for R54-95 which is unbelievably reasonable!

Healthy Balance 3-in-1 Home Spa Facial


This is the Healthy Balance 3-in-1 Spa Facial. It is also enriched with hydrating omegas and repairing vitamins and milk proteins. This product can be use in 3 ways which really caught my attention.

This 3-in-1 product can be ued as:

  • A balancing mask
  • An exfoliating scrub
  • Deep cleansing wash

I have used this product all 3 ways and I was really impressed!

As a mask it really left my skin feeling great! Once I washed it off my skin it felt so soft and definitely had a healthy glow to it. It went on really nicely and thick an covered my entire face with just a small amount of product.

I also loved using this as an exfoliating scrub. The little granules in the product really gave my skin a good deep cleanse without being to harsh on the skin. It gently exfoliates and removes all the dead skin and and impurities. My skin felt so clean and soft after I used this product!


I did not really enjoy this product as a deep cleansing wash. It did not really foam up and was a bit rough on the face for a cleanser in my opinion. My skin felt a bit dryer when used as a deep cleansing wash.



This is a 100ml bottle and this product retails for R69-95 which again is incredily resonable!

Healthy Balance 3-in-1 Facial Wipes


And now for my favourite product of the entire range. The Healthy Balance 3-in-1 facial wipes.

I am a sucker for facial wipes! I absolutely hate makeup all over my face clothes and I feel as though washing it off with my hands does not remove the dirt, makeup and impurities properly. So using a face wipe to remove your makeup before using your makeup remover or cleanser is just a win!


This product is said to do 3 things:

  • Gently cleanses the skin
  • Removes makeup and waterproof mascara
  • With vitamins & omegas to care for your skin

And let me tell you – this product does all 3!

These wipes are so incredibly gentle on the skin. They leave the skin feeling clean, smooth and hydrated. They so not burn or dry the skin out at all and this because they are alcohol free!!

I tried this product with waterproof mascara and what do you know? It removed all the mascara off my eyes.

This product retails for R49-95 which I just cannot get over how afforable they are!

I absolutey love this product and this range. I really think it worked well with my skin. If you have normal to combination skin I would really recommend you try this range out. They are so afforable and they really do wonders for your skin.


There are some ther products in this range that I did not try out and they are the:

  • Healthy Balance Facial Beauty Bar – R17-95
  • Healthy Balance Night Cream – R69-95
  • Healthy Balance Day Cream – R69-95

These product can be purchased at Clicks or online & they are currently on the 3 for 2 special at Clicks! Whoop whoop guess whos saving money!!! 🙂