Hello Beauties,

So if you have not heard the hype around the NEW Launch of the Sorbet Make Up its time to wake up, make some coffee and wonder what on earth you are doing with your life!

Sorbet has launched their own Make Up line and that’s what we are going to chat about today! If you are not one for reading please scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the video link to watch my video on my YouTube channel.

So lets wing straight into it;

Recently I purchased 3 products from the new line, only three, yes because let hit this nail on the head.. the range is quiet pricey!

I purchased a foundation, a contour kit and a mascara!

I absolutely love the packaging, it really caught my eye. The boxes are bright and colourful while the actual product packaging is all in a black matte casing with white writing & the specific foundation I purchased came in a very high end looking frosted glass bottle.


Face First SPF15 Anti-Ageing Foundation + Serum

The first thing that caught my attention online was this foundation product! The fact that is a serum and has anti-ageing properties in was a win for me.


This products comes in a heavy, frosted glass 30 ml bottle that has a very high end look to it. It has a dropper applicator which a squeezy at the top.

This product applies to the skin beautifully using a beauty blender. It is buildable and has such a good coverage. It is a dewy foundation that leaves the skin feeling hydrated and moisturised the whole day with a soft and blurred out look to the skin.

I would not recommend this product to someone with an oily skin type as this is a very oily and shiny foundation.

One thing I love about the foundation range is that colour choice is massive, there are so many shade colours, you will no doubt find your perfect match. In this foundation I am perfectly matched to the colour stone.


This is what they say;

“Sorbet Face First SPF15 Anti-Ageing Foundation + Serum Stone 30ml is an anti-ageing foundation + serum. This smooth, easily blendable anti-ageing foundation gives you a soft-focus effect for a flawless finish. Moisturising and packed with anti-ageing goodness, this hardworking foundation covers, protects and hydrates so you are in good hands. With Q10, peptides and anti-oxidants to fight signs of ageing. Perfectly paired with Sorbet Age Affect skincare”

This product retails for R289-95 which is on the higher end for drugstore but I think is totally worth it.

The other products however in this range I find are very pricey for what they are, especially considering that Sorbet in general is an affordable brand.

Contour Me Blush Duo

I have never been a fan of cream contour and I love setting my makeup with powder so this product was a kind of “lets kill 2 birds with one stone”.

This product consists of a contour powder shade and a powder shade. I purchase this product in the shade birthday suit.



I enjoyed this product and I felt the shade match was really good. Although I was a little confused by the name and product, to me this is a brown-ish contour shade and not a blush, so that part confused me a little.

Besides that the product blends out and goes on really well. The powder sets your concealer into place as well as giving it a natural glow.

I really enjoyed this product but I was not over wowed by it, I feel that there are products in the drug store for half the price that work just as well. This product retails for R189-95 which I feel is way up on the expensive scale.

What they say;

“Sorbet Contour Me Blush Duo Birthday Suit 4g + 7g is a little box of treats that uses two complementary blush shades to add dimension and luminosity to your face. Can also be used as a blusher.” 

Loud Lashes Volume Mascara

This was probably the mot disappointing product of them all, yes I am fussy with mascara but this just did not work for me.


The mascara claims to give the lashes extreme volume but unfortunately I did not find this with my lashes, It gave them a pretty effect but definitely not extreme volume. The product was also very clumpy.

The actual wand is very large which is awesome for the top lashes, but when working with the bottom lashes thing start to get a little it messy and out of control.

Unfortunately this was not my favourite product and I have use many other drugstore mascaras that have worked wonders for half the price.


This product retails for R149-95 which I feel is crazy out of pocket!

This is what they say:

“Sorbet Loud Lashes Volume Mascara Black 8.5ml has a curved fibre brush that curls lashes. The volume building formulation, with nylon for extra volume, amplifies lashes, giving you extreme volume in a flash with no clumping.”



Overall I think Sorbet has created a lovely range of products and they definately have catered or everyone and every area. I just wish they would bring their price range down a tad.

Below is my video on the following products – here you can see how Ive used them and how they apply.