Hello Beauties!

I have decided to start this series as it is something different &&& I LOVE PONIES, as well as unicorns and mermaids!!!

I will be creating looks using all 6 ponies colours! I will try make these more wearable looks than “costume” looks.

I really hope you enjoy this series! Please let me know what you think in the comments!!

Lots of Pony Love!


Applejack is a female earth pony and one of the main characters of My LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC. She represents the element of HONESTY. Applejack is a brave, reliable, strong, mature, and hard-working pony, although headstrong about doing things on her own.

I used the browns, orange and yellow tones to create this look. To add a “costume” look to this you could add three apples to your cheek to match her hind quarter.




Pinkie Pie is a female earth pony and ne of the main characters of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is energetic and sociable baker at Sugarcube Corner. She represents the element of laughter.

I used two types of pinks to create this look from my Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette.




Stay tuned for the next look…