Hi Beauties,

 ANNNNND I AM BACK to VIETNAM!!! & then Dubai!

I thought I would share with you what I am packing in my carry on and in my makeup/vanity bag for the airplane. This is an updated post from the last time I went overseas as some things I found were really useless and inconvenient for the airplane.

So let’s jump straight into it;


The most important thing when traveling overseas is to remember your passport, obviously! Just because I’m extra like that and like things to look neat and pretty and safe, I bought this gorgeous passport holder from MR PRICE HOME. This is really convenient when traveling as you had put not only your passport in here but your ticket and extra papers or important documents you may need when travelling.




Last time I went overseas I packed an “on board” makeup bag and then another one for when I was at my destination in my luggage bag. But this to be honest was such a waste. When travelling on these long hour flights 8 hours to Dubai and then another 8 hours to Vietnam, the last thing you feel like doing is putting makeup on. Your eyes are often swollen from the airplane, you are generally super tired and just want to get their already AND all the other people on the plane look just as bad as you! Hehe!

My idea was to freshen up and do a full face of makeup between or during each flight for that destination – well that was definitely not the case!


So this time I am packing differently;

  • My Johnsons face wipes to freshen up the face and feel some-what clean.
  • My Sorbet BB cream to moisturise and give that extra bit of colour.
  • My essence cosmetics MATTE BLUSH just to look alive and have a bit of colour on the cheeks.
  • I have lash extensions and so mascara is not necessary for me but if you don’t have lash extensions would suggest a water proof light mascara because of sleeping and rubbing of one’s eyes over long periods of times.
  • My travel scent perfume in Luscious Lace for when you feeling a little smelly!
  • And then last but not least I am packing a lip balm and this is just to help with the dryness and discomfort of the lips when in the airplane. I tend to pack a clear one and a slightly tinted one.




When catching long flights can make one feel smelly and sticky for a long period of time and this is nothing short of a nightmare. In another vanity bag I am going to be packing a few toiletries to get my through my 16 hour in total flights.


  • A role on deodorant because an aerosol can cannot be taken onto the airplane. And this is a definitely a must!
  • Tissues – I battle with the air con and unnatural air in the airplane so tissues are a must!
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste – you can sometimes get mini travel sets on the airplane but I wouldn’t take a chance.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • I will also be packing my Neutrogena anti-aging facial cream and this is so moisturising and it is small enough for the plane.
  • I also am packing some wet wipes, these are from MRP HOME.


For those who have followed me for a while know I suffer extremely badly from migraines and so I will definitely also be packing pain killers in my carry-on bag.

A small vanity mirror is also extremely important for me as I wear lenses and need to often look in my eyes or adjust my lenses.

That being sad I also have packed my lens case from Pink Cosmetics and my lens solution.

I also packed some hair ponies and hair clips for just in-case. I always travel with my hair down as I hate not being able to rest my head of the seat comfortably.

I have also packed a nail file and you never know when you may need a nail file – nothing worse than have a scratchy chipped nail that hooks on everything.

I will also be packing my small essence makeup setting spray just as a refresher for the plane. My Pink Cosmetics Rose Water is too big and so is my Avenue Thermal Spring Water so these will be placed in my luggage bag.

I have also packed some socks and my travel pillow – comfort when travelling is everything!


Thanks for popping into this blog, please comment down below and let me know where you are off to this holiday season. Travel safe and have a lovely Christmas!