Hi Beauties,

Today I’m bringing to you NEUTROGENA’S® latest range and that is the Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™. This new range consists of special technology and .. to bring you perfecting looking, acne-free skin.

The Spotlight Movement Index reveals that 87% of woman say that acne has a significant impact on their lives, describing how it effects their mood, social interactions and emotional state on a daily basis. Over a third have said that acne has a significant impact on their confidence and nearly half have said that they have sought or would consider seeking advice from a counsellor about their issues.
It is also said that the most significant, everyday occasions woman with acne avoid are being makeup free in front of their partner, sitting in bright sunlight and travelling on brightly lit transport.

If you fit into this category or have ever felt this way then NEUTROGENA® have a range just for you! Their latest Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ has all the technology your skin needs to be clearer and to help you gain more confidence within yourself and social situations.

Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ combines gentle NEUTROGENA® cleansing innovation with a powerful spot-fighting ingredient – Salicylic Acid – to deliver the ultimate complexion perfecting regime.

This range promises to give you:

  • Products that help clear breakouts
  • Products that help preserve the skins natural barrier

These products are said to have a fresh scent, are oil free and are non-comedogenic (meaning that the product is formulated to not cause blocked pores.)


NEUTROGENA® has done extensive research while working on this range and the products. Research has shown that skin barrier damage in teens with spots is significantly higher than those with clear skin.

This product works from the outside in – to whisk away impurities and deliver potent imperfection-fighting Salicylic Acid. It also works on the upper epidermis by leaving most of skins essential nutrients as intact as possible – this helps to maintain the skins natural shield to block new spots.

Today I am going to be reviewing the 5 products from this range:

  1. NEUTROGENA’S® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ Daily Wash
  2. NEUTROGENA’S® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ Smoothing Scrub
  3. NEUTROGENA’S® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ Purifying Toner
  4. NEUTROGENA’S® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ Oil Free Moisturiser
  5. NEUTROGENA’S® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ 2-in-1 Wash-Mask


NEUTROGENA’S® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ DAILY WASH

“A clear gel formula that lathers up to whisk away impurities and fight spots while preserving skins natural defences.”

Neutrogena VC Spot Proofing Daily Wash

When looking at ordinary face washes, they often contain surfactants. (Surfactants are one of many different compounds that make up a detergent.) Surfactants excel at foaming up and whisking away the oils and impurities.

These molecules have a tendency to clump together into clusters which are small enough to penetrate and inflict damage on the skin barrier.

However, the NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ DAILY WASH with its patented BarrierCare technology™ which is present in the wash and scrub – allows the cleansing agents to attached instead attach themselves to naturally-derived polymers that are too large to damage or over-strip the skin – allowing them to create a mild lather which effectively cleanses and helps preserve the skins natural defences.

My thoughts;

This facial wash lathers up extremely nicely on the skin. It does not make ones skin feel dry or stripped as usual spot fighting products do. It removes my makeup from very well and does not burn or irritate the skin or eyes. A little of this product definitely goes a long way! This daily wash also has an amazing fresh but also citrus smell. I use this product in the morning and the evening.

This product (200ml) retails for R109-95.


NEUTROGENA’S® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ SMOOTHING SCRUB

“Packed with naturally-derived exfoliants, this scrub helps enhance the natural skin renewal process at the surface while fighting spots deep down in the pores.”

Neutrogena VC Spot Proofing Smoothing Scrub

My thoughts;

If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of scrubs, be it body or facial. But I however do find that a lot of facial scrub leave your skin with a tingling feeling or extreme redness. This smoothing scrub is everything its name says it to be! It is so soft and gentle on the skin, it almost feels as if there are not any exfoliating particles in the product, yet after use it leaves your skin feeling exfoliated and your pores feel amazing!

I really enjoy this scrub and I feel it would be amazing for the acne-prone ladies because of its gentleness on the skin. This product will not leave your acne all flared up and red, looking wore than before. This product gets a massive THUMBS UP from me!

This product(150ml) retails for R 109-95.


NEUTROGENA’S® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ PURIFYING TONER

“Used after cleansing, this no rinse, formula leaves skin clean and refreshed without over drying.”

Neutrogena VC Spot Proofing Purifying Toner

My thoughts;

A toner is one of those products you either love or hate. Many toners out there strip the skin of its natural oils and this obviously is not great for your skin.

I love toners, because they just add that extra layer of “cleanness” to your face. I find that a toner really just gets that’s last bit of excessive makeup or oil off your face.

The purifying toner is also one of my favourites from this range. There has been so much research and technology behind this range, and I can definitely say that there is absolutely no drying or stripping of the skin with this product.

However, this product does tingle a bit on the skin and if you are not a fan of that, then I would not recommend this for you.

This product(200ml) retails for R 109-95.



“A light weight, oil-free moisturiser that provides all day hydration and makes skin soft without clogging pores.”

My thoughts;

This moisturiser comes in a 50ml tube and lets just say dynamite comes in small packages! This little guy keeps my skin so hydrated throughout the day! It is oil-free and so moisturising, I would definitely recommend this to people who suffer with dry skin. Another thing I love about this product is that the formula is so light weight and it does not feel like your skin has an extra layer on it.

One thing I do not enjoy about this product is that it is quite strong on the skin when first applied. It burns a little for about 5 seconds when first applied. I would not recommend putting this product anywhere near your eyes as I made this mistake and it was not fun!

This product retails for R 109-95.

NEUTROGENA’S® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ 2-in-1 WASH-MASK

“Can be used as a foamy daily cleanser, or smoothed over skin in a thin layer and left on for 5 minutes before rinsing as a weekly treatment.”

Neutrogena VC Spot Proofing 2in1 wash mask

My thoughts;

Oh NEUTROGENA® I love your 2-in-1 products!!!! This product is so refreshing on the skin. It can be used as a mask or a daily wash. I love this concept because if you are more of a foamy/creamy cleanser girl than a gel girl then this product is for you!

I absolutely love this as a mask as well! It left my skin feeling refreshed and glowing. It also got rid of some unwanted visitors on my nose. This is also one of my favourite products of the range.

This product retails for R109-95.


My overall opinion;

I thoroughly enjoyed this range from NEUTROGENA® and I absolutely love that they share with their clients the technology behind each product. I think this range would be a brilliant affordable range to choose for ladies who are battling with acne-prone skin. I did not find these products drying at all nor did I feel as though they stripped my skin.

When using these products I would use the daily wash, toner and moisturiser in the morning and then same again at night. I would then use the scrub once or twice a week and the mask then once a week.

I have not had pimples in years (touch wood) and after using this range for a week I found that the odd pimple was popping out here and there. I did stop using the range for a bit as I got anxious about the pimples but in the end what does not pay rent needs to leave. I went back to the range and allowed whatever needed to be, be.

I had acne-prone skin in my teen years and had to be put on strong medication for it and therefore I fully understand what ladies out their are going through with low confidence and feeling depressed about their appearance. If you are one of these beautiful ladies I would highly recommend that you try this range out.

Please let me know your thoughts on this range if you have tried it out.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped you understand a bit more about NEUTROGENA’S® technology and research they have put into this range.