This is often a topic of conversation amoungst woman and Im here to tell you the answer is YES! In capital letters 😉

Would you dare to eat off meat? Or drink that expired stinky milk? So why on earth would you use expired products on your beautiful skin!

Although make-up may not stink like expired milk or look funny like expired meat, it still can cause serious reactions and allergies to your skin.

The reactions may not flare up immediately but they will be lurking in the background and could pop up at the most unexpected, inconvenient time, like on your wedding day or 21st birthday!

Old foundations can cause a reaction with your skin making it break out into a field full of pimples. While mascaras can lead to nasty eye infections. Eyeshadows and powders can also lead to sores and skin irritations which just are unnecessary and unpleasant.

Have you ever seen this little symbol on your make-up?Do you know what it is?

Well its called the “Period After Opening” (POA) symbol. This symbol is illustrated as a jar with the lid open and a time frame written inside of it, generally in months (M). 


This means once you have opened the product you will have a certain amount of months to use the product until it has expired or is no longer safe to use.



Remember that where you store your make-up is also a factor on whether it will last as long as the PAO claims.

Keeping your make-up in the bathroom is not ideal. The heat from the hot water and the humidity from the steam allows a perfect breeding place for bacteria and shortening your expiry date.

One should always keep their products in a cool and dry place totally out of sunlight (we would hate for our favourite products to melt! Hehe!)

We all fool ourselves and think we can still use the products after years of keeping it. But honestly I would not like to look like a fool with a skin reaction while walking down the isle or into my 21st birthday party!

Spending money on new products is so much more satisfactory than paying for that damn doctors or dermatologists bill, lets be honest!