Hi Beauties,
Once again a very long overdue post. And today’s its all about this Botanical Skin Care Range from Beaucience. I dont like to chop & change my skin care products regularly as my skin is definitely not a fan of it, hence the long overdue post!

I have been using 3 products from this range now for about a month and a bit and I want to share my thoughts with you.

Firstly, the 3 products ive been using are the:

  • Beaucience Cleansing Gel (Anti-aging care)
  • Beaucience Exfoliating Cream (Anti-aging care)
  • Beaucience Day & Night Cream (Anti-aging care)


Beaucience Botanicals has been formulated to offer a cost effective essential skin care regime providing the fundamental key elements needed in a succesfull anti-ageing range.

This is a user friendly skin care range that offers nature’s fuss-free solutions to healthy, radiant and beautiful skin whilst also minimising and delaying the effects of skin ageing.

First thing that could my eye with this product was the ingredients. These products contain Organic Green Tea which helps your skin produce less sebum, reduce inflammation levels and also helps with ance. They also contain Essentials Oils such as Ylang Ylang which helps as an antiseptic and keeps your skin squeaky clean! They also have anti-age care in them which is such a win!

Firstly as always with my skin care routine, I wash my face with a cleansing gel. The Beaucience Cleansing Gel (Anti-aging care) is super refreshing on the skin and leaves your skin feeling super clean as well as oil free. This product does not strip your face at all or leave it feeling dry. 

I take two pumps into my hand, lather it all over my face and then rinse it off with luke warm water. Another thing that makes me love this product is the fact that it removes my makeup so well. I use this product morning and night.

This product retails for R79-99.

Next up is the Beaucience Day & Night Cream (Anti-aging care). This cream is packaged in the most gorgeous, luxurious looking jar. It feels solid and secure and is definitely a steal if you are into packaging. 

The product is thick and creamy and if you are looking for a super moisturizing cream – look no further. I love apply this at night and letting it sink into my skin throughout the night. However in the morning I only use a small amount as I find it very creamy and heavy. 

This product is super gentle on the skin. It does not irritate or burn the skin at all. It leaves it feeling silky smooth and highly moisturized. 

This product retails for R134-99.

And then last but definitely not least is the Beaucience Exfoliating Cream (Anti-aging care).
This Exfoliator is very gentle on the skin. It helps to remove dead skin cells and give your skin that glow. This is thanks to the Rosehip Powder and the Apricot Seed Powder.

I truly believe in a good exfoliator as your skin needs a pick me up every now and again. 

I use this exfoliator twice a week, it is suggested that you use it 3-4 times a week but my skin can be sensitive and I prefer using it less. 

This product retails for R84.99.

I really have loved using this range and a big plus is that they are so affordable. If you are looking for something which is going to do the job as well as be very soft on the skin look no further.

Let me know if you have tried these products out or any others from the range & let me know your thought! 🙂