Hi Beauties,

So just the other day I was organizing my makeup into little perspex drawers and holders and while doing this I was also sorting my products out into favourites and not so favourites. I could not actually believe how many brow products were in this pile that I decided I had to show you my favourite brow products in a blog post. And here we are.If you know me, then you know I LOVE natural looking brows! I am not a fan of these huge, drawn on, fake looking brows. For me, a little bit of shape, colour & definition into ’em brows and I am good to go!

I am a true beauty on a budget as you will know & all these products I am going to speak about are very budget friendly!

So lets jump straight into the products!

For starters I’m going to speak about 3 different products, that basically all do the same thing but in their very own unique way. These 3 products are in different price ranges and therefore you can choose whichever suits your budget, as all are absolutely incredible.


First up is the Catrice Cosmetics, Slim’Matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil (Waterproof). I have spoken about this product in my previous March/April Catrice Products Blog Post, so click over here to read more.


I absolutely love this product and it only retails for R59,95



My very first eyebrow product I used religiously and which got me hooked on buying eyebrow products was this amazing Eyebrow Gel from essence Cosmetics. This product is so easy to apply and I little goes a very long way. The colour of this product will suit most skin colours and is very versatile. I have seen so many bloggers and beauty representatives use this product!


If you are more into a darker, deeper and more defined eyebrow look, then this is the product to get!

This product comes in only one colour (01 brown) and retails for R64,95




In this department I have 3 products which of two have similar. I absolutely love the concept of brow mascara products, because on that super busy morning I can literally brush through my eyebrows and go!

First up is this essence Trend Edition eyebrow mascara. This product is from the Little Eyebrow Monsters Collection and is one of the best eyebrow mascara’s EVER! This little monster holds so much product in its little package and is the perfect colour for my skin tone. I have this product in 02 Bert Knows Better. So from now on we can refer to him as Bert 😉

Bert’s applicator has tiny little fibres that really help filling in gaps & creating a beautiful full and natural looking brow. If you are looking for a range of good eyebrow products, look no further than this trend edition from essence Cosmetics.


Bert retails for R53,95.

Next up in this range, similar to the product above is the L’oreal Brow Artist Sculpt. This little product consists of an applicator with a felt tip and a brush. The felt tip helps shape your eyebrow and the brush helps fill in the brows leaving them looking perfectly sculpted.

I love this felt tip because it allows for you to draw a perfected arch and tail with the result still looking natural. This product dries matte and leaves a gorgeous finish.


This product retails for around R 150,00

And then last but definitely not least is the essence Lash & Brow Mascara. The only difference about this mascara is that it is a clear gel-like product. I find this product extremely helpful when shaping and taming ’em brows.


I have feather/ fly-away eyebrows and this gel just holds them so beautifully in place before defining and adding colour. I use this product almost every single day. I have found this product amazing even on natural days of no or little make-up. I just brush the gel through my eyebrows, it tames and shapes them and I’m good to go!


This product retails for R 44,95.


This is a Trend Edition that has already passed in the essence Cosmetics Collection, but its not worth a mention! This is the Lights of Orient Eyebrow Shaper.


I absolutely love this product and even though it is no longer available I think essence has out done themselves with their eyebrow products, and this product is proof of that! This product comes with an amazing colour gel -like pencil and on the other end a shaper which distributes the product evenly over the eyebrow.


I absolutely love this product and sad I wont be able to get more 😦 But maybe essence will bring out something similar in the future 😉

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post, I definitely enjoyed writing it and sharing my eyebrow favourites with you! Please let me know in a comment what budget brow products you use and what you think of them.

Have a beautiful day beauties!