Being an older sister is a tough job if you’re doing it right. Sisterhood brings a lifetime mix of emotions that can’t be replicated through any other relationship. I can vividly remember special memories and moments I have spent with my younger sister, Sav. From fairy gardens, to dolls and Barbies to dressing up. Who got the most stars and who was the favourite. YES that’s what sibling-hood is all about! 

I’m taking on the world!

When Sav spoke about her BIG IDEA of moving overseas, the excitement I heard in her voice was encouraging. She has always had a wild heart wanting to endlessly explore the globe, I am the one who appreciated the comforts and familiarity of home more than  ever really. Savs middle name is definitely WANDERLUST. During this conversation it became clearer that she was ready to get out of her comfort zone and try something new; to plunge into a new world entirely with new experiences as an expat overseas.

Sav has travelled overseas many many times, completing her exchange program in Finland for 6 months and then also joining a conticki tour to Europe. But this was different. Very very different.

A month ago Sav committed to a year long job, teaching English in Vietnam and today is the day that she departs to begin an exciting new chapter of her life.

She will have a week of settling in and then she begins her amazing new job. I couldn’t be more proud or more excited for her to begin this new venture she has decided to indulge. It takes a lot of courage and determination to go ALONE to a country you have never been to and live for a year.

This experience is going to be nothing short of  life changing and amazing. You are going to meet so many people from around the world which is so inspirational and the value can not be overstated.


I love you so much and I’m really excited for you!
I know you’re feeling a tad scared, but you will be over that part in no time while living through these amazing moments!

Dont forget to take LOTS of photos, write in your journal about all your travels because it’s so easy to forget what you’ve done, Skype often as well as video call and many many Snaps! 

I wish you the best time on this journey. It may not always be easy, but it will be worth it! Whether or not you recognise it at the time, the memories and experiences you will have over the next year will be with you for life and will continue to shape your thoughts and perspectives as the years go on. I can’t wait to see the blogs!!!

Do crazy things and follow your heart ♡

I will miss you lots but go out there and ENJOY THIS JOURNEY!