As most of you may know there has been a lot of hype around Swiitch Beauty, a local South African brand.


Swiitch Beauty was founded by a stunning lady, Rabia in 2014 and if you have not checked it out yet, I highly recommend their products.

They are highly affordable and of such amazing quality AND you NEVER pay for the delivery which I think is so awesome!!!!!

Of all the Swiitch Beauty Products I own there is not one that I am absolutely not obsessed with! Another thing about Swiitch Beauty which I think is extremely “catchy” and cool, is the fact that every products name has a # “hastag” in it. This just gives it extra points!

So if you are a babe on a budget or you just aren’t wanting to break the bank then I suggest you click this link 😉


I first heard about Swiitch Beauty back in 2015/16 when I purchased my first product, the #G31CONTOURBRUSH. This brush is amazing for contouring your face with a powder product. This brush is literally the best thing ever! For those of you that have seen my Youtube Tutorials know I have used this brush a lot!


It retails for R199.99



The second time I ordered from Swiitch Beauty I ordered the #BLEND8 8pc Eyeshadow brushes and the #TINYUNDEREYEPOD which is a mini beauty blender used for concealer.


The #BLEND8 shadow brushes are my absolute everything! They are a great dupe for high end brushes and they get the job done, if not better than the high end products!

You can define, blend, contour, shape and line your eyes in many different ways using these 8 brushes.


Another great thing about them is that the bristles are synthetic and this means they are cruelty free!

Don’t forget to hop on over to my Youtube Channel to see my demo and review on these brushes.

These brushes retails for R300



The #TINYNUNDEREYEPOD is another of my favourite items! This magic little sponge gets into all the little knicks and groves under the eye and blends concealer amazingly!

It is a lime green colour (my favourite), in the shape of a pointy beauty blender, but a tiny version!

As Swiitch Beauty say, Dynamite definitely comes in small packages with this little baby!!

I used this little gem in my Youtube videos as well – be sure to take a look!

This product retails for R59 each. [You can order a single or double pack too!]


Swiitch Beauty then blessed me and sent me 3 amazing products to try out! They were:

  • The #SLAYSFORDAYS Eyeshadow Palette
  • The #HOLYGRAIL Flash Case

I was so excited when these arrived at my door step, it was if I was a kid at Christmas again!



The #SLAYSFORDAYSPALETTE is the most beautiful eyeshadow palette consisting of 35 creamy and buttery eyeshadows. The colours are array of oranges, rose golds, browns and neutrals, ranging from the pale colours to dark colours.


I personally think you could create over a thousand looks using one palette. This is a great dupe for the Morphe Palette, the shadows are highly pigmented and therefore a little goes a very long way! This is by far one of my favourite products ever!

I think this would make a fantastic gift for someone, someone who is beginning there make-up collection and the professional make-up artist!


Your make-up look will most definitely SLAY with this palette! Take a look at the eyeshadow look I created for Valentine’s day where I am using this amazing palette!

This products retails for R350.



This amazing case filled with 12 beautiful creamy pigments is what I like to call the “Jack of all trades”. This flash case allows you to have any lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, highlighter or brow colour you could ever wish for!


This case is filled with gorgeous matte and shimmer creamy shades. Mix and matching the shades allows you to create a full face make up look or artistry. This case is also perfect for stage make up or creating an amazing artistic full face and special effects look.


SWIITCH Beauty reveals 30 ways to use this case:

  1. Customizable Blush 2. Eye shadow Base 3. Lipstick color adjuster 4. Sheer Coverage Foundation 5. Natural Brow shading 6. Highlight 7. Contour 8. Concealer 9. Smokey Eyeliner 10. Glossy Colorful eyelids 11. Foundation Color Adjuster 12. Smokey eyes 13. Face Painting 14. Character Makeup 15. Transformation Makeup 16. SFX Makeup 17. Unique Brow Color 18. Color Corrector 19. Unique Lipstick Shades 20. Ombre Lip 21. Cut Crease 22. Bitten Lips 23. Stained cheeks 24. Full Coverage Foundation 25. Body Art 26. Lip Liner 27. Customizable Bronzer 28. Brow Tint 29. Body Shimmer 30. Avant Guard Beauty Makeup

I have absolutely been loving this case, and have created a funky look for awareness as well as using it for my lipstick, eyebrows and highlighter.

This product retails for R300.



I have left this product for last as highlighters are my absolute life!

If you looking for that famous glow, then look no further. Swiitch Beauty have brought out this amazing palette consisting of 6 amazing highlighters, 5 powder based and one cream based. These highlighters are very large and will last you a long time!


The colours are suited for all skin tones, and range from a pale champagne colour, to gold and rose gold. I have used the rose gold pan for a bronzer and it works amazingly. Therefore there is not one colour that every girl cannot put to use.

Another win from these products is that they are highly pigmented, a little goes a very long way. I have heard people say that the palette is pricey, but in my opinion, the size of the pans and the intense pigment are totally worth it. This palette will be in your draw for a while.

This product retails for R450.


I am highly impressed and in love with all the Swiitch Beauty products I have in my collection and I am super excited to grow my collection. I would highly recommend these products to everyone as they are of amazing quality and they are extremely well priced.


But that does not end there, I have my eye on a few more products from Swiitch Beauty! The products stealing my attention at the moment definitely has to be the #F80DUOFIBER Foundation Brush, the #S19//TOTALBUFFER// ULTRA-DENSE BUFFING BRUSH, the #ULTRAGLOWSLEEVE 3 DAY CLEANSE, #ROSECLEANSE – Skin Toning Water and the #GLOUPDROPS

Head on over to their website to see what I am talking about! 🙂

Thank you Swiitch Beauty for my amazing three products! And please keep a look out on my channel for all the looks I am planning to create!

Love, Foxy