Most woman have one problem in common: an overflowing make-up/cosmetics bag, but no need for all the products on an everyday basis. That’s when it is time to take the back-to-basics approach, because less is always more. Sometimes 😉

This has been a highly requested blog post, and in saying so I am going to show you how to approach the back-to-basics approach in your cosmetics bag.

These 8 products are all you need for a flawless make-up look as well as an easy application.

This blog posts goes hand in hand with my “Make-up for beginners” video up on my Youtube channel.

So let us jump straight into it!


Foundation is the base or canvas of your make-up look. This is a very important step because if the base colour is incorrect the entire look will be incorrect. When purchasing your foundation always swatch a sample on your inner wrist or your jawline. This way you will find the perfect match to your foundation.


This is the Essence Camouflage 2in1 Make-up & Concealer.

Retails for R79.95


Concealer is definitely the only way you are doing to get rid of those dark circles and blemishes as well as breakouts. If you have problem or blemishes skin a full coverage concealer is essential, if not, a medium to full coverage will also do. If you are using concealer to brighten, make sure it is a shade lighter than your foundation. If you are using concealer for blemishes or pimples make sure it is the similar shade or a lighter shade to your foundation.


This is the EFFECTful Concealer Pen from L.O.V. Cosmetics.

Retails for R177.00


The right shade will make you look like you blushing. Natural blush always gives a gorgeous healthy look to your make-up.  This shade is completely up to you. Just avoid very deep pigmented red blushes. You don’t want to end up looking like Bozo the Clown.


The Essence Mosaic Blush in “10. Miss Floral Coral”.

Retails for R64.95


Mascara…oh mascara… my everything! Invest in a volumizing or a “false lash” effect mascara as this will give you natural looking, thick lashes. If you suffer from scratchy eyes or watery eyes investing in a waterproof mascara is a great idea.  You do not have to go high-end here as there are plenty drug store amazing products.


The False Lashes Mascara from Essence with extreme volume & curl.

Retails at R59.96


Eyeliner is the cherry on top for the perfect eyeliner look. This however, does not have to be used on an everyday basis. Investing in an easy glide on or kojal pencil in black or brown is always a good idea, as well as a liquid liner.


I couldn’t decide between the Essence Super Precise Eyeliner (R59.95) or the Dip eyeliner (R59.95) – both are favs for me!


To make sure your face and eyes look like they have some definition and structure invest in a nude eyeshadow or even better a palette. This way you can still have an everyday natural look without the fuss.


This is a gorgeous nude/mauve shade from The Velvets Collection from Essence in the colour 07 “oh you better mauve!”

Retails for R44.95


This part is completely up to you, because let’s face it, some days we feel like a nude and others we may feel like a pink or red. Whichever lipstick tickles your fancy for that day is a win – with Nude eyes any lip colour is possible.


This product from NYX South Africa is always in my make-up bag. Its a soft nude/pink shades in the colour “Tea & Cookies”.

Retails for R149


I would also request carrying around a lip balm because there is nothing worse than having dry, sore lips and nothing on you to soothe them!

16444110_1592729424087271_426763272_oMaybelline Baby Lips in the Dr Rescue Range in “Just Peachy”- perfect for the lip, plus it has a hint of colour to it!

Retails for R44.95


I hope this helps declutter that make-up bag of yours and allows you to now indulge in the back-to-basics approach with make-up!

Less is always more! Sometimes 😉

Love, Foxy