“A leopard never changes his spots”…“People never change”.

These are shared sayings people use in today’s society. A lie hoping to sway people that no matter what they do, there is no hope for self-improvement and change. Those who speak these words, to me, are promoting their own sanctuary from growth and improvement. They are medicating their own inabilities and brokenness by projecting these inabilities onto others.

But the truth is, people do and can change.


People mature, people forgive, people heal, people break addictions, people recover, people move on and people move up, people learn and they journey, they gain experience. They grow.

Sometimes people take longer than others, but life is not a race. Remember there is a reason for very behaviour, every action and every word.

People heal people.

The only people who don’t change are judgemental, caught up, revenge-seeking and closed minded people. People who believe they are better than others and are owed something in this world.

Make sure you are doing life with people who aren’t preventing you from moving forward, who aren’t holding you back and who aren’t willing to forgive.

People can change!