With the 2016 coming to a close, I think it is safe to say it has been one of the worst years for most people. On the Chinese Calender, 2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey. It is said to have been the year of chaos and upset.


The Mystic Mama states; “All manner of apple carts could be turned over in the most surprising ways. This will be a test of your ability to stay calm and unruffled in the face of relentless and unexpected challenges. But remember—on the other side of chaos is magic and transformation. Be brave and keep your sense of humor; never forget that there’s spiritual gold at the end of the tale.”

I think 2016 has definitely been the most challenging year of my life, from personal challenges to work as well as world challenges. From the financial issues [Brexit ] to the changing and shock of presidency in some countries and the freak and natural disasters, I think its save to say that most of us cannot wait to wish 2016 on her way and welcome 2017 with open arms.

We are now into the last week of December and I think (even though it has been a bad year for some) it is always important to look back and ones achievements and the good that did come out of the year.

If you are not one for personal blogs then jump past this post.


I believe it is important to share your highlights and achievements and not only focus on the disappointments in life. ‘You will find that it is necessary to let things go for the mere reason that all they are is heavy, you need to let go of the weight in order to see the beauty’.

This is one of my favourite quotes. This statement reminds me that rehashing things and holding onto negative feelings are incredibly draining. It may be difficult to do so in the beginning but once you have you will feel so much freedom and see so much beauty.


In saying so I’d think to look back onto the good things that came out of 2016:

  • –  I’ll start off by mentioning that I started my v/blog in October this year (yes still very new – have to start somewhere) and it has been such a fun filled experience so far!
  • –  I started my first ever “real” job as a Grade R teacher. The year has been extremely challenging after being thrown into the deep end and told to swim. I received no guidance or mentorship throughout the year and I am proud to say my students are reading, so mature and ready for their first year in Primary School.
  • –  Often when one first glances at a person or a group of people their first opinion is often “These are not my kind of people”. Well I proved myself wrong this year. I have made amazing friends and have met wonderful people this year from different places and I have learnt to embrace the differences in each and everyone. ( Should I say I try my utmost to always do so!)
  • –  I reached my goal weight this year, which has been a wish of mine for a very long time. Thanks to my dietician and self-will, which I truly believed I had lost, I managed to lose 10kgs this year. I still have a lot of work to do but this has been a huge achievement for me.
  • –  I purchased my first car this year. A beautiful new Ford Fiesta, “adulting” is not for the faint hearted 😉 But I am so in love with my new baby and plan to have many long miles and smiles with her.
  • –  I have learnt that sometimes you have to dig deeper into a person to find the real them. I have learnt that what you see is not always what you get and most importantly I have learnt not to judge a book by its cover. Many people in our everyday lives put up a façade to mask what is going on inside of them. Be that person who does not judge but rather loves with compassion and empathy.

–  I have learnt that every single one of us were put on this planet and into every situation we are in for a reason. Your higher power, whoever you believe it to be, has planted you in certain situations for very important reasons – embrace the journey, yes it may be extremely difficult to handle or get through but there is a reason you(out of billions of people) were put into that situation.



z  Take up Yoga

z  Read more books

z  Travel Overseas

z  Enjoy the little things

z  Look for the good in everyday

z  Become more confident

z  Strengthen personal relationship

z  Become involved in a charity

z  Start a support group

z  Exercise more

z  Love life

z  Have more experiences and not things

 I am looking so forward to 2017, to making new memories and sharing new experiences. Thank you to everyone who got involved with my vlog/blog this year and who have helped me along the way and sent me such gorgeous products! I wish you a blessed and merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!!

May 2017 be everything we have all wished for and more.

We always think we have time, we have another hour or another second but we don’t know this for sure – go out and live each day to the fullest!

Be safe and blessed during this holiday period!

Loves, xxx